Bringing Hope To Rwanda

A desire to help others sprang forth once the chicken farm business began to be successful and the water well became an integral part of Nyamata life. And so, the Comfort Primary School in Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali was adopted by the Project.


  • 2017

    * Two buildings were built in Nyamata, Rwanda;
    * 1,500 chickens were bought;
    * drilling for a water well began;
    * veterinary services were contracted for the chickens;
    * Rwandan ownership arrangements were completed.

  • 2018

    * the water well was completed;
    * lines and right-of-ways were purchased;,
    * eggs were collected for sale;
    * some of the eggs were purchased and sent to the children at the Comfort Primary School;
    * late in 2018, the School became part of the Project with regular egg deliveries;
    * The chicken farm received 2,400 new chickens.

  • 2019

    * In February, the chicken farm business became an economical success;
    * Population/support for the street children increased from 117 in 2017 to 223 in 2019;
    * The Project was certified as its own 501 (C) (3);
    *  The  chicken farm purchased a feed mixing unit;
    * The School dug and laid a water line, connected it to City water and installed filters for all their water needs.  The bathrooms were plumbed for  water.

Fresh, Clean Water - Something New and Different

This Nyamata community, now has hope, 135+ people and their crops have fresh, clean water. Our friends in this area, no-longer have to struggle for the essentials of life such as food and clean water.

The Nyamata area has been burden with a very negative identity for many years. but thanks to the support of the GNPDR in partnership with the Whitehead Family, the widows, men ( many of which were orphaned too), women and children of this community now have a new, more positive identity.


Attending School for the 223 students at the Comfort Primary School isn't just about getting a much coveted education. It is also an opportunity to receive daily some equally coveted nutritious food. Receiving an egg, a snack, at School when living amid such severe poverty is a welcome treat.

And as the saying goes-"feed your stomach and feed your brain," so with a bit of food inside them, the children have markedly improved both their physical and mental health.

The students' ability to retain information has for some significantly improved. One of the female students recently did so well on her national exams that she has been offered a life-time grant for continued education.

Currently, we are digging a trench for a City water line connection, purchasing water storage tanks which will be used to provide clean water to the bathrooms and filtering all the water so the kids have fresh, clean water to drink, they have been relying on water collected off the School roof for all their water needs.

Finally Success

Of the more than 1,000,000 men, women and children killed in the '94 genocide against the Tutsis, there are approximately 100 widows and orphans still alive in the Nyamata commnunity. These surviving widows and orphans have not only become healthier but are growing in confidence as a result of their chicken farming business.

A business run by women is becoming less unique in a society that had once severely discounted women. The Rwandan Government has made real efforts to put a stop to discrimination; however, old habits for some are hard to break. Now these once heavily tramatized ladies and orphans have some spending money in their pockets. With the progressive attitude of their Government, along with the chicken and egg proteins that they receive from the chicken farm, it has served to greatly improve their self-esteem, their health and their lives in general.

Rwanda is the second smallest country in Africa but it now has the fastest growing economy in all of Africa. From the growth in tourist traffic to their growth in sophisticated businesses, Rwanda is a true miracle in the making.

The chicken farm operation is currently investing in a feed mixing unit for the chickens which will greatly reduced operational costs while significantly increasing profits. Every business, no-matter where they are located, would love to lower costs and increase profits.

Invest Today

Drilling the Water Well

The  fresh well-water tanks at the chicken farm in Nyamata

The Rwandan Hope Project is dedicated to improving the livelihood of the genocide widows and orphans and the street children through income generation, fresh water, improved healthcare and education.

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