25 years ago

There were more than 10,000+ men, women and children killed in Nyamata, alone. Only 100 survivors remain alive today in the area surrounding the chicken farm.  These survivors are educated, motivated and hard working if only provided an opportunity.  Many witnessed the slaughter of their own families and were purposely infected with the AIDS virus.

As a result, they  suffered from severe depression, low self-esteem, a general sense of anxiety and a meager existence with no or little hope. They desperately wanted work, but had no where to turn. Then, the Rwandan Hope Project stepped into their lives.

Little Opportunity

Due to a combination of financial circumstances, loss of family, lack of opportunity, and their treatment by the society in which they live, Project participants were previously relegated to incredible poverty, depression, and/or a life on the streets. They were without the ability to even obtain the  basic necessities for themselves such food or fresh, clean water.

Many of the people/children in Rwanda were previously bathing in dirty, raw sewage contaminated waterways. They were without shoes or clothes that fit properly. Many of the children were forced to drink from mud puddles and were without an opportunity to receive a proper education or necessary health care.

The Widows and Orphans of Nyamata

All participants of the project are taught skills that help continue the success of the project!

How to manage the egg production and sales

What to do when the hens are no longer able to produce eggs

Keep accurate books for both the chicken/egg production.

The Rwandan Hope Project participants also agreed to learn the entire operation of the business so well that they are able to teach others how to run a similar operation.

The Survivors

As part of the Project’s agreement with the participants, they each had to agree from the start to take full ownership of the chicken farming business, as well as their own health issues, the welfare, health and the daily care of the chickens. They spent considerable time in formal  training for their new responsibilities.

In addition, they had to agree to learn the entire chicken farming operation well enough to be able to teach it to others.

From the beginning of the Project, they not only own 100% of the chicken farm business, the land, the buildings and the fresh water well but they now own a successful business too. This is not just another free hand-out to someone but a real hand-up.


The Rwandan Hope Project, RHP, has made a great impact on this community in just a few short years. Project participants worked hard these past few years, and are now successfully running a stand-alone, profitable business.

They are so successful, in fact, that local government officials take tours of their operation(s). There is no doubt their government’s policies to assist the Rwandan people have played a significant role in these people’s success and the entire country’s growth and success.

Participants’ health and general well-being have also improved dramatically, as they now have clean water, sources of fresh protein, and can afford to seek health-care. They are more confident as well, and the access to education and income that the Project has provided has also allowed for real future opportunities for those residing in this community.

In February of 2019, the chicken farm showed its first profit.  In July of 2019, the RHP joint ventured with the widows and orphans to purchase and operate a chicken feed mixer both for their own needs and for other chicken farm oerators in their area.  The local Government is so proud of their accomplishments that they made special land in a private enterprise area available to them for no cost.  They truly are now an employer, a contributor to their community and a significant provider for both themselves and for others.


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